Patient Access API

Access all your health information.
Take control of your health care.

Want to have your health information at your fingertips? Well, now you can.

View details about your health history, such as labs or prescriptions, in one easy-to-access place online. Get a full picture of your health when and where you want it – all by looking on your phone, computer, or tablet.

CDPHP® has teamed with 1upHealth to help you store, view, print, download, and share health data how you choose. 1upHealth, an industry leader in health care data, allows you to connect your information with a third-party app of your choice.

When you allow a third-party app to connect to your CDPHP member account, you can:

  • Access all of your clinical and claim information, including labs, in one centralized place online

  • Choose health care that makes sense for you based on your medical history

  • More easily coordinate your benefits between multiple parties

  • Make more informed decisions when choosing a health plan

  • Share data with new health insurers, providers, and more

How it works

STEP 1: Go to the 1upHealth App Gallery

STEP 2: Select the third party app of your choice.

While CDPHP does not endorse individual apps that will be made available through 1upHealth, we hope you will find the gallery is a convenient way to learn about options to better use your health data. Visit the app gallery from time to time to check for new app options.

STEP 3: Follow the registration steps in the app and then connect your CDPHP member account information.

What’s your CDPHP member account? This is the online account where you access your health care benefits and view your claims.

STEP 4: Review and approve the data-sharing privacy statement.

Once the steps above are completed, CDPHP will share your health care data with the third-party application you have chosen through the 1upHealth platform.

Accessing and sharing your health data using 1upHealth

The 1upHealth App Gallery will be your home base to access, share, and use your health data. New apps will continue to be added to the 1upHealth gallery, and the choices you have available will expand over time.

Note: Your initial consent to an app will last for 90 days before expiring. App consent is set to expire 90 days from the time of your last access. Third party applications are required to provide you with the option to revoke your consent for the application to access your CDPHP health data. CDPHP members are able to connect their information to a third-party app on or after the plan effective date and up to 90 days after medical eligibility ends.

Why share your data?

When you have all of your health data from multiple places (like your health plan and different doctors, for example), it will help you create a complete a full picture of your health. This information can even be combined with data from personal devices like glucose meters, pedometers, or heart rate monitors. Other common uses include: prescription drug management, chronic disease management, nutrition tracking, and care coordination.

Data sharing empowers you to have greater ownership of and visibility into your health data, and has the potential to improve both your health and the quality of care you receive from the health care system.

Always use caution when sharing data

CDPHP takes your privacy and the security of your health information seriously. Your data will never be shared without your permission. CDPHP safeguards your data throughout the process of sharing it, including using multi-factor authentication to confirm only you can access and share your data. However, it is important to understand that once your data is shared with a third-party application, CDPHP is no longer responsible for the security of that data. This is why it is important to read the privacy and security policies for any application you choose to share your data with in order to understand how your data is protected and used by the application. It's up to you to choose the apps or other services you want to use.