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April Braman

Director, Account Management

April Braman joined CDPHP in 2006. Her background includes over 18 years in local health plan account management. "Each day, our account management team strives to foster the important relationships we have with our large business clients by ensuring that they receive the health value that CDPHP is committed to providing."


Bill DeFrancesco

Director, New Group Sales

Bill DeFrancesco has been Director, Large Group Sales, since 2010. In his role, he is committed to empowering the sales team to cultivate the relationships CDPHP has with its brokers and employers by emphasizing the importance of our health value strategy. "CDPHP is a company that genuinely cares about all of our partners and the communities in which we operate. Throughout the organization, people at every level make a concerted effort to improve the health and health care experiences of our members, in an effort to continue to offer quality coverage at affordable prices."

Brian Morrissey

Brian Morrissey

Senior Vice President, Marketing, and Chief Marketing Officer

Brian J. Morrissey was named senior vice president, marketing, and chief marketing officer (CMO) in August 2009. He provides oversight for sales, product development, and marketing strategy. "I believe that the most viable health plan solutions are created and sustained at the local level. As a result, CDPHP continues to focus on strengthening the valued partnerships we have with our employers, brokers, members, and providers."

Brian O'Grady

Brian O'Grady

Senior Vice President, Sales

With nearly 20 years of health insurance leadership experience, Brian O’Grady serves as senior vice president of sales. He is responsible for large and small group sales, exchange sales development, and broker relations. He joined CDPHP in March 2014. “By continuing to forge collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners in the community, CDPHP will continue to create innovative solutions to the key health care issues impacting the markets we serve.”


Reney Clifford

Director, Strategic Accounts

Reney Clifford joined CDPHP in 1999. In her role as Director, Strategic Accounts, she oversees sales and account management activities for the CDPHP self-funded book of business. "Collaborating with our self-funded partners not only allows for creativity, but also provides CDPHP the opportunity to find the best health plan solutions for our clients' employees."