Member Moments

A collection of positive and inspiring stories with CDPHP

Swanson Award Semi-Finalist - Kathleen Draper of Troy

swanson award winner Congratulations to 76-year-old Kathleen Draper of Troy who was recently named a Swanson Award semi-finalist for her dedication to fitness and overall well-being. 

Fitness instructor, Mary Keane, is seen here with Swanson Award semi-finalist, Kathleen Draper. 

Draper is a CDPHP Medicare member who has participated in the SilverSneakers® Fitness program for 10 years. As a result, she has developed increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, bone density, and independence!

“SilverSneakers has made such a difference in my life and I cannot say enough about what a great program this is,” Draper said.

The Richard L. Swanson Inspiration Award honors members of the SilverSneakers Fitness program whose healthy behavior has made a difference in his or her own life and has inspired others along the way. Draper was honored during a celebration at ABC Sports and Fitness in Latham. 

Support During a Difficult Time - Lori Antal

Lori Antal has been a CDPHP member since 2000. She shares the emotional story of the passing of her husband, Steven, and how CDPHP supported them through a very difficult time.

Health Assurance - Larry and Darlene of Schodack

It's a story that's sure to make your heart melt. Larry and Darlene of Schodack open up about a personal health crisis, and how CDPHP guided them through a very difficult time.

Weight Loss Inspiration - Cheryl of Niskayuna

Cheryl - weight loss inspiration

Losing weight was more than just a personal choice for Cheryl of Niskayuna, who at the age of 38 weighed 278 pounds.  

In 2011, Cheryl’s doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery. After more than four months of planning, Cheryl had the surgery. Within six months, the weight was flying off.

Three years later, Cheryl weighs 130 pounds and is wasting no time sharing her new and improved lifestyle with those around her. She is now a personal trainer and Pilates instructor and is going to school to become a registered dietician. She uses a daily journal to stay on top of her health and relishes in her ability to inspire other people.

She wants to help others take control of and enhance their health and is not about to enjoy her Member Moment by herself. 

CDPHP Member Pays It Forward - Maryanne of Glenmont

Maryanne - Member Moment

Maryanne of Glenmont
CDPHP member since 2002

Maryanne recently sent a thank-you card to CDPHP expressing her gratitude for a $10 supermarket gift card that was mailed to all female Medicare members who got their annual mammogram. 

Maryanne wrote, “This has to be the first – of which I’m aware – where one’s health care provider actually took the time to notice the health of its members! Wonderful!”

Inspired by the gesture, Maryanne decided to pay it forward and shared the gift card with a local food pantry, so, in her words, “… they could purchase some fresh fruit and vegetables for the guests that come.”