Enhanced Primary Care

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)

EPC Symposium Presentations

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), an innovative patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program from CDPHP®, offers increased value for members and financial rewards for physicians. View the Enhanced Primary Care - Practice Transformation brochure for providers.

In 2008, we set out to shape the future of health care and improve patient outcomes in this region through the medical home model of care. The goal was to revitalize the field of primary care and support practice centered on patients’ needs.

Since its inception, 200 area physician practices have worked diligently to reform their practices.

Impressive Results
An independent analysis from the first two years of the program found:

  • A savings of $8 per member, per month—as compared to other area physician practices.
  • Significant reductions in advanced imaging utilization and emergency room visits.
  • Total hospital admissions were 15 percent lower than otherwise expected among the population served by the practices participating.
  • Equal to, or greater, quality of care among 19 HEDIS measurements.

John Bennett, MD, and Bruce Nash, MD, MBA, discuss how the CDPHP Health Value Strategy played a role in shaping the CDPHP medical home initiative