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Electronic Funds Transfer

Secure and available 24-hours a day

Register for electronic funds transfer (EFT) with CDPHP and claims payments will be sent directly to your bank account, minimizing the chance of a delayed payment with a paper check.

Access the Hub

To enroll a new bank account for EFT, or modify an enrollment previously submitted through CAQH, visit the CDPHP EFT Enrollment Hub at and select “Register.”

Once you have completed registration, you’ll be directed through the secure portal to the enrollment page, where you can submit the required information to receive direct-payment deposits.

Note: Only one registered user can enroll or make changes for each provider tax ID number (TIN). The user can be the individual provider, or a dedicated member of your office staff who is registered on the hub and making enrollments or changes for multiple providers.

We encourage you to register, even if you have no immediate need to enroll or make modifications. This will streamline the enrollment process for you in the future.

Previously enrolled in EFT through CAQH?

If you are already enrolled in EFT through CAQH, no action is required. Your original enrollment information is not changing. However, to modify an existing enrollment in the future, you’ll need to use the CDPHP EFT Enrollment Hub, powered by Zelis Healthcare.

There will be no fee or cost for new enrollments or changes.

Questions? Download the Zelis Enrollment User Reference Manual here, or call provider services at (518) 641-3500 or 1-800-926-7526 for support.