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Specialty Testing Labs

Specialty Testing Labs Available from Labcorp

CDPHP® has an enhanced agreement with LabCorp to include many of LabCorp’s specialty testing laboratories. The labs described below are considered contracted and participating for your patients enrolled in all CDPHP plans.

  • Dianon Pathology is a leader in full-service, anatomic pathology with expertise in uropathology, dermatopathology, and gastrointestinal pathology.

  • Integrated Genetics is a premier reproductive genetics laboratory with an expansive menu of complex tests. Integrated Genetics' testing spans the continuum of care, ranging from maternal serum screening and prenatal diagnostics to carrier screening and postnatal testing services.

  • Integrated Oncology offers a broad menu of industry-leading tests and services for oncologists and pathologists. Integrated Oncology is a leader in personalized medicine and companion diagnostics with a strong focus on molecular oncology and genetics.

  • Litholink is a premier provider of testing for kidney stone prevention. Litholink also provides clinical decision support and outcome reporting to aid in the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD), cardiovascular disease, and low bone density.

  • MedTox provides specialized toxicology and medical drug monitoring testing services.

  • Monogram Biosciences develops novel antiviral resistance assays for HIV and hepatitis. Monogram's assays include Trofile® for HIV-1 patients considering CCR5 antagonist therapy and HCV GenoSure® NS3/4A to assess drug resistance for HCV protease inhibitors.

  • ViroMed Laboratories is an FDA-registered laboratory for reproductive, tissue, and blood donor testing.