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Physicians’ Academy

About The Academy

Created in 2004, the Physicians’ Academy was established as a means of harnessing the energy and excellence of the CDPHP physician network to shape and improve the future of health care in our service area. The Academy recognizes physicians who serve as role models to their medical colleagues and who act as ambassadors in fostering the delivery of high-value health care.

Currently, honorees are nominated and selected by a committee of physicians.  Its members include the president & CEO of CDPHP® as well as our chief medical officer, chair of the board of directors, dean of the Physicians’ Academy, and others appointed at the discretion of the president/CEO and the board chair.

CDPHP Physicians' Academy 2018 picture

The Newest Inductees

Dr. Jonathan DeSantis, Dr. Adetutu Adetona, Dr. Louis Gold, Dr. Cheryl DeSimone, and Dr. Rommel Tolentino (not pictured) are the newest inductees into the CDPHP® Physicians’ Academy™.