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Working with CDPHP

Behavioral Health Office Administration Overview

Behavioral health providers: CDPHP welcomes you to our growing network of caring professionals. We have a proactive program to help you coordinate the care of our members. By understanding our expectations and guidelines, you can streamline the process and assure timely reimbursement for your efforts. We have assembled a presentation with the following resources to help you get started:

  • Sample member ID card
  • Information on participating labs and our drug formulary
  • Contractual expectations and treatment reporting
  • CPT coding and claim submission
  • Mandated autism services
  • Important CDPHP phone numbers

View the Behavioral Health Office Administration Overview presentation.

Communication is Key: Exchange of Information Consent Form

To help us coordinate your hospitalized patients’ care, the hospital will share discharge plans with CDPHP. Please remind your patient to fill out an Exchange of Information Consent Form so this information can also be shared with the primary care physician.

Level of Care for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Referral (LOCADTR) Manual

LOCADTR is a web-based tool that aids substance abuse treatment providers in determining the best level of care for a patient with a substance use disorder. This manual will explain the reasoning behind the LOCADTR, and the logic of the tool, which includes a step-by-step guide through the questions, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.