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Experience the CDPHP Difference

Quality & Service

We're Tops at Delivering What Matters Most

When it comes to health coverage, employers are looking for three things: quality benefit options that attract and retain top talent, a program that can keep their people healthy and happy, and easy administration - all at a cost that doesn’t tip the scales.  We’ve got all that, plus world-class support that can’t be beat.

What We're Known For:

  • Rock-solid provider relationships that result in better, simpler, and more affordable access to care for members.

  • Customer service satisfaction ratings that blow the competition out of the water year after year.

  • Award-winning health & wellness programs that offer members free classes, discounts, and inspiration.

  • A secure website that makes benefit administration, account management, and enrolling new members a cinch 24/7.

Custom-Tailored Coverage

Our Plan Options are as Varied as Your Clients

We’ve never subscribed to the one-size fits all mentality when it comes to care – the same goes for coverage. For us, the best thing we can offer employers is flexibility.

What Employers Can Expect:

  • Hundreds of plan designs to choose from with the ability to customize almost every detail.

  • Access to a national network with most CDPHP Universal Benefits, Inc. plans.

  • The ability to tailor benefit details including copayment and deductible levels, network choices, vision options, drug coverage, and more.

  • More control over their health care dollars with health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and health savings accounts (HSAs).

  • The option to add Delta Dental coverage to any package.

Health & Wellness

Being Healthy is About More than Just Doctor Visits

Good health is what happens between appointments. It is what you do to get happy, relieve stress, eat well, and start good habits. That is why we have an entire calendar dedicated to classes in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and more. All free to members, all the time.  Because a happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

What Employers & Members Love:

  • Free fitness classes and discounted fitness center memberships for members.

  • Online services including health coaches, personalized help for healthy living, and the Health Dialog center that supplies confidential answers to health questions within 24 hours.

  • A disease management team dedicated to solving any and all issues with just one call – really, one call from you and they’ll do their best to do the rest!

  • Our one-of-a-kind single source referral line - members can call with questions about what programs we have that can help them stay healthy.

See our line up of available wellness classes.

Healthy Incentives

A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

We know it is tough to make meaningful, lasting life changes. That’s why we offer Life Points® – a rewards program where members can earn points by completing a variety of healthy activities, such as getting an annual physical exam, purchasing healthy foods, participating in a CDPHP community wellness class, and more!

Learn more about Life Points.

Meet the Broker Support Team

Brian O'Grady: Executive Vice President, Commercial Business, and Chief Marketing Officer

Brian O'Grady is responsible for large and small group sales, exchange sales development, and broker relations.

Brian O'Grady
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