Family Health

CDPHP is here for you and your family. Whether you’re just starting your family, expanding your family, have active kids at home, or are caring for older family members, CDPHP has resources to support you at every stage of life.*

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Free Preventive Care

Routine visits and preventive care are an important part of staying healthy. Whether you’re keeping tabs on your health or are caring for a child or an elderly parent, many preventive care services are available at no cost.

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24/7 Access

  • Meet with a doctor 24/7 via Doctor On Demand using your tablet, phone, or computer from the comfort of your own home.

  • Emergency care doesn’t have to mean a trip to the emergency room. CDPHP ER Anywhere lets you talk to emergency room doctors via our mobile app. ER Anywhere doctors can assess your problem, prescribe medication if necessary, and let you know if you should go to the emergency room.

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Extra Support

We know that having extra support can help you or a family member with health concerns. The CDPHP Care Team offer specially trained professionals, including nurses, dietitians, and care coordinators who work closely with you and your doctor.

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Mental Health

If you or your family is in need of support – CDPHP is here to help. The CDPHP Behavioral Health Team provides case management services and linkages to resources or any mental/or behavioral health needs you may have.

You and your family can receive support with:

  • Postpartum depression watch video ►

  • Anxiety and general depression

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

Ask for help when you need it. If you have a mental health concern or questions, call the CDPHP Behavioral Health Access Center, 24/7, at 1-888-320-9584.

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Personalized Activities

CaféWell is a dedicated website that provides you with tools and resources to lead a healthy life. Whether it’s walking challenges or reminders to stay up-to-date on important vaccinations, CaféWell is here to support the entire family.

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Wellness Classes and Programs

Check out our Community Calendar and enjoy free in-person and online wellness classes that cover a variety of health topics for all ages such as nutrition, prenatal care, senior health, and more.

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Healthy Eating for the Entire Family

Make healthier food choices at home and on the go with FoodsmartTM, a nutrition app that offers meal planners, recipes, and shopping tools.

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Get Moving!

Exercise can be fun and rewarding. CDPHP offers lots of opportunities to exercise solo or as a family unit.

Take advantage of these no cost or low cost options:

  • CDPHP Fitness Connect is a family of free fitness centers located throughout the Capital Region. Each gym features cardiovascular machines, strength-training equipment, and more.

  • Kids on the Move is an eight-week program at the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center that gives children ages 7 - 15 exercises that build healthy muscles, bones, and joints. Participants get a free one month membership to the Ciccotti Center upon completion.

  • CDPHP Cycle! is a state-of-the-art bike sharing program that provides Capital Region riders with a fun and healthy way to get around.

*Participation in these services is dependent on plan type. Please check your member contract or call the number on your ID card to see if you’re eligible.