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Enhanced Primary Care

Enhanced Primary Care Sites are Your "Medical Home"

CDPHP encourages members to have a “medical home,” that is, a doctor’s office that coordinates most of your care. This can be a primary care physician (PCP), or in the case of our Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) sites, a team of health care providers looking out for you.

What Makes EPC Sites Special?
To qualify as an EPC site, a physician practice works with CDPHP to complete an intensive program designed to improve teamwork, efficiency, and their ability to treat “the whole patient.” These practices have been recognized for their quality and commitment to improving the patient care experience.

  • They use electronic technology to improve service.

  • Appointments are available at convenient times.

  • There is an emphasis on preventive care and shared decision-making.

  • A range of medical professionals work together to care for you.

  • CDPHP staff might also be available onsite to assist.

Locating EPC Practices
You can use Find-A-Doc to determine which offices are in the program. This symbol enhanced primary care icon will appear next to EPC-participating doctors’ names.