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HIV and AIDS Care

Living your healthiest life with HIV and AIDS is possible.

Human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, and AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are long-term illnesses that can be controlled. The New York State Department of Health and CDPHP are committed to helping people with HIV AIDS live and thrive. CDPHP has an on-staff nurse who specializes HIV AIDS and can help you get the resources you need to take care of yourself including:

  • Information about HIV testing and HIV treatment

  • Where to go for medical care and help getting there

  • Help with finding financial resources for health concerns

Call 1-800-365-4180 to speak with the CDPHP nurse. Your call is confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for HIV and AIDS Support

»   Are doctors who specialize in HIV AIDS care covered by my plan?

Many local doctors who have experience treating patients with HIV AIDS are covered by CDPHP insurance plans. Call the number on your member ID card or use the CDPHP online search tool. Enter your location, select your plan name, and type “HIV” in the search box.

»   Does CDPHP cover my treatment medications?

If you have prescription drug coverage, CDPHP covers HIV AIDS treatment medication. Call the number on your member ID card to see if your specific medicine is covered.

»   Does CDPHP cover HIV testing?

CDPHP covers HIV screening and regular monitoring tests like viral load and CD4. If you have your bloodwork done at a LabCorp location, you may also be able to get specialty diagnostic tests.

»   Does CDPHP cover preventive treatment like Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?

If you have prescription drug coverage, CDPHP will cover PrEP.

»   What are other ways CDPHP can help me?

CDPHP has a registered nurse who focuses on helping people with HIV AIDS. The nurse is available to answer questions you have about your diagnosis, and can help you get what you need to stay on track with your treatment, like financial or transportation assistance. Call 1-800-365-4180 to speak with the nurse.