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Find A Doc

Find A Doctor, Pharmacy, Urgent Care Center, or Other Services You Need

Follow these easy steps to find the doctor or other provider you need:

  1. Go to Find-A-Doc
  2. Select your plan type or enter your member ID from your CDPHP ID card.
  3. Enter a ZIP code or city and state information, and a mile radius for your search.
  4. Choose a specialty or enter a provider or group name.

Then hit “Search.” It’s really that simple – Find-A-Doc will give you a listing of results that meet your criteria and are in your network.

More than 825,000 Providers Nationwide
Does your ID card say “National Network” on the front? If so, you will save when using doctors outside the usual CDPHP service area. That’s why it is important to indicate your plan type correctly when using the online provider directory, so you see the full range of participating providers available to you.

Tips for Saving Money With Find-A-Doc
You will always save by using a doctor who is part of your network. When you select your plan type or enter your member ID on Find-A-Doc, in-network providers for your plan are automatically selected.

In addition to your doctor, make sure all of your other providers—including hospitals, labs, pharmacies, radiology centers, and home medical equipment providers—are in-network. Find-A-Doc will tell you.

Most plan types include no-cost or reduced-cost services from preferred sites. Locate them using Find-A-Doc.

  • Lab: Choose a Preferred Laboratory
  • X-rays and other imaging: Choose a Preferred Radiology Center
  • Ambulatory surgery: Choose a Preferred Ambulatory Surgical Center

Know Where to Go for Urgent Care
When your doctor isn’t available, urgent care centers are the next best thing. They are convenient and economical. Why pay more than you have to? Trips to the ER for non-emergency care are generally not covered.

  • Locate a nearby urgent care center and save the emergency room for true emergencies.
  • Sports injury? There may be an orthopedic urgent care center near you. Check Find-A-Doc today to learn more.

Find-A-Doc in Your Pocket
Download the My CDPHP Mobile app and you’ll be able to locate the nearest doctor, hospital, urgent care or other facility—all from your smartphone.

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