CDPHP Care Team

CDPHP Care Team Image

Sometimes you need someone to talk to about your health concerns — both mind and body. The CDPHP Care Team offers access to specially trained professionals who can work closely with your doctor to provide you with information on a variety of health issues and help you address your health needs. 

Connect with the CDPHP Care Team

To talk one-on-one with a member of the CDPHP Care Team, including nurses, dietitians, and care coordinators any time, simply call toll-free 1-800-365-4180. You can receive personalized check-in calls from a member of the CDPHP Care Team regarding certain serious chronic ailments and talk about your upcoming appointments, medications, diet, or exercise plan. They can also mail additional health information to you at no cost.

The CDPHP Care Team is there for when you're hospitalized

Recognizing that hospital admission can be stressful and confusing for patients, CDPHP has established a Hospital Experience Program at four Capital Region facilities, including Albany Medical Center, St. Peter’s Hospital, Ellis Hospital, and Saratoga Hospital. Offered at no cost to CDPHP members, the program deploys an in-hospital Patient Care Team to work in collaboration with hospital staff to coordinate members’ care, facilitate communication, and provide personalized support.

Connect using the Valera app

You may also stay in touch with the CDPHP Care Team from any location by using the Valera app, with live chat options, as well as resources to help you stay on track with your health. Call 1-888-320-9584 to learn more.