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Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Enjoy Coverage Whenever, Wherever

Our national network* provides you with access to providers virtually anywhere in the United States. That way, when you travel for business or pleasure, if you have homes in multiple states, or if you’re a college student, you can rest assured that you are covered.

  • You are covered worldwide for emergency care. If you experience an illness or injury so severe that immediate medical attention is needed to avoid serious damage to your health, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

  • Our EPO and PPO plans include a national network, which translates to lower costs for you, as well as in-network access to more than 725,000 providers across the country. Before you travel, you can visit Find-A-Doc to search for a participating provider.

  • If you are out of the area and have a situation that needs to be handled right away but you do not believe it is an emergency, you may contact the CDPHP resource coordination department at 1-800-274-2332 for advice and direction.

Please refer to your member contract for specific information regarding your individual coverage. You can access it by logging into the secure member site and clicking on My Member Materials.

Coverage While Traveling
If you are planning a vacation, please enjoy! Stay safe and be sure your CDPHP ID card travels with you, which can be as simple has having your smartphone with the My CDPHP Mobile app downloaded nearby.

Locating In-Network Providers
Use Find-A-Doc to locate the nearest doctor, hospital, or health care facility within your network on the road, on the go, or in an emergency. The My CDPHP Mobile app also plots the provider’s location on a map, supplies driving directions, and connects you directly to the provider’s office via a link to the business phone number.

Student Coverage
Whether on a parent’s plan or your own, coverage works the same. Most CDPHP plans include the national network, keeping you covered at home or at school. If you are traveling abroad and experience a non-emergent situation and need assistance, you may also contact the CDPHP resource coordination department at 1-800-274-2332.

*The national network is provided by CDPHP Universal Benefits,® Inc. The national network does not extend to members of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan, or the Medicare Choices PPO plans. Members of the HMO plan, which is insured by Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP®) are also not eligible for the national network.