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The Preventive Drug List & High Deductible Plans 123

While high deductibles may give members more control over their health care dollars, they can also make some members hesitant to maintain the preventive medications that are sometimes necessary for good health. So, CDPHP developed the CDPHP Preventive Drug List, a list of medications that are no longer subject to the deductible with most high deductible plans.*

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Although high deductible plans typically provide benefits only after the deductible has been met, Federal regulations have put “safe harbor coverage” into place for qualifying preventive medications, allowing them to be exempt from the deductible. The preventive safe harbor does not include any drug or medication used to treat an existing illness, injury or condition.

How was the CDPHP Preventive Drug List developed?
The CDPHP Preventive Drug List is made up of medications that CDPHP, guided by our Clinical Pharmacy department, has determined may prevent the onset of a disease or condition when taken by a person who has developed risk factors for the disease or condition that has not yet manifested itself or has not become clinically apparent, or may prevent the recurrence of a disease or condition from which a person has recovered.

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All of the highlighted prescriptions in the Preventive Drug list are part of the CDPHP Rx for Less program, an offering for all CDPHP members with a prescription benefit. The program gives you a deep discount on specified generic drugs when purchased at Walmart, Shop Rite, Hannaford, ConnectRx, Price Chopper, and more.

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* Does not apply to the standard bronze plan for small groups and individuals, or individual catastrophic plans.

Medications on the CDPHP Preventive Drug List are subject to formulary and tier status, as well as pharmacy management programs such as prior authorization, step therapy and/or quantity limits. For more detailed information about coverage and tier information, refer to your prescription drug formulary information.

This list is not a guarantee of coverage. To verify your benefits, limitations, and exclusions, please check your contract. While every effort has been made to ensure the list reflects the most accurate and up-to-date information, some information may be outdated. The CDPHP Preventive Drug List is subject to change based on decisions made by the CDPHP Clinical Pharmacy department

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