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Group Medicare

Medicare-Eligible Employees

The high cost of medical care and prescriptions can make it difficult for companies to offer health insurance for their retirees. Our Medicare Advantage Group Plans make it easy. You'll receive all the benefits of Medicare, and more, from CDPHP.

Our group Medicare plans include:

  • Low copayments for primary and specialty care

  • In-home support services to provide help around the house, transportation, and companionship

  • Post-discharge meal benefit after a qualifying inpatient stay at a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or rehab facility

  • Meal benefit for those managing qualifying chronic conditions

  • Copayments for Medicare-covered stays in network hospitals

  • Lab tests at designated sites — covered in full

  • Routine eye exams with just a copay plus an allowance for eyeglasses or contact lenses

  • Routine hearing exams and hearing aids for a low, fixed copay

  • Worldwide coverage for emergency and urgently needed care

  • Prescription drugs

With our Group Medicare coverage you can enjoy all the benefits of Medicare and more if you are an eligible employee or retiree.  Check with your current or former employer to see if they offer Group Medicare coverage.