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Small Business

CDPHP Health Plans for Small Business

Choosing a health plan for your employees is a critical part of the benefits decision-making process. CDPHP is committed to providing small businesses like yours the plan options, benefits, wellness programs, and service you and your employees need to stay healthy.

The Added Value of CDPHP 
When you choose CDPHP for your health care coverage, you’ll get more than just a health plan. You’ll also get:

  • Security in knowing all of our plan options are ACA-compliant and come with the essential vision coverage and pediatric dental coverage required by the Affordable Care Act for your employees who need it
  • Access to a national network of over 825,000 providers, providing quality coverage virtually anywhere across the U.S.
  • Life Points® rewards program
  • And much more!

Plan Offerings
Whether you’re looking for a traditional health plan or something more innovative, we have a package that will address the needs of you and your employees.

  • Embrace Health – A plan with a CDPHP-funded bonus account is the perfect way to show your employees you value them – and their health.

  • EPO – A health plan offering the ultimate in convenience, your employees can get in-network care with no paperwork, no referrals, and no surprises.

  • Hybrid Plans – Often viewed as an introduction to deductible plans, hybrid plans help your employees understand how deductible plans work.

  • High-Deductible Health Plans – High deductible health plans can be a great way to engage your employees in their health and the health care decisions they make. (And consider pairing them with a CDPHP funding account!)

  • Healthy NY for Small Businesses - Reduced-cost health insurance for eligible small businesses and their employees.

Funding Account Options
Help employees save for the unexpected. Offering a funding account will give employees the ability to save pre-tax dollars to put toward health care costs.