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Flexibility & Choice

Flexibility & Choice

Each time you access care under the PPO plan or the High Deductible PPO (HDPPO) plan, you have a choice. You may elect to get in-network care from a CDPHP participating practitioner or provider, or you may choose to receive services from practitioners and providers not in the CDPHP network.

Our PPO coverage offers flexibility and choice.

Just remember these easy tips:

  • Your plan may require you to pay for services until you have met a deductible, after which most services are subject to coinsurance or copayment. So it is important to keep track of these expenses.
  • If you are paying toward your deductible or owe a coinsurance, please ask your physician’s office to file a claim on your behalf and bill you for the balance you owe. If you owe a copayment, be prepared to make payment at the time of service.
  • Your doctor may contact the CDPHP provider services department with questions about your eligibility or payment obligations.
  • Emergency care is covered at the in-network level.