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The CDPHP Shared Health Advantage

CDPHP Shared Health combines two simple elements: financial strategy and health behavior change. This results in a program with the transparency to help save you money, and the tools to take an active role in improving employee health.

Financial Opportunity and Transparency
A smart financial platform is one of the driving forces behind CDPHP Shared Health, which provides unprecedented transparency to evaluate your health care costs. This increased transparency will help you understand the factors that influence utilization, enabling more informed decisions about your workplace and the benefits you provide.

Changing Behaviors, Improving Health
To succeed, CDPHP Shared Health must be a collaboration of CDPHP, the employer, the broker, and insured members. Population health and wellness management is an integral part of this partnership. Targeted programs, and a team of professionals to help guide your implementation, address the group-specific health risks that may be elevating your company’s health care costs.