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Healthy Direction Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for this service?
No, Healthy Direction is being provided by CDPHP at no cost to help you motivate employees to take control of their health.

How can employees complete their steps?
Employees will get access to an online tracker by logging into, where they can view and complete their required steps.

How do employees get their incentive?
Once they meet the requirements, you deliver their incentive. It’s really that simple!

How many steps do employees have to complete?
You can choose any number of steps for employees to complete.

What kind of activities qualify for the “Create your own activity” step and how is it recorded?
Examples of activities for this step could include a worksite safety course or participation in a volunteer day or a charity walk/run event. You are responsible for tracking your employee’s completion of this step and sending the data to CDPHP in the format outlined in the Report Your Employer-Defined Activity flyer. The frequency at which you send the report to CDPHP is up to you, however we recommend at least monthly.

Who is eligible for this service?
Only employees (and their spouses or domestic partners, if applicable) on a CDPHP medical plan are eligible for this service.

How do I know when employees have completed their steps?
CDPHP provides bimonthly reporting on completed steps.

What type of incentive can I offer?
Incentive examples include premium reductions, paid time off, gift cards, company events, and more.