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Healthy Direction

Motivating employees to make healthy choices has never been easier. The steps within Healthy Direction are small, simple tasks that have a positive impact on employees’ health and your business. Choose any number of steps for employees to complete:

Visit a primary care physician (PCP)
Stopping health problems before they start is key to healthy employees.

Take a personal health assessment
The PHA is a series of questions to help understand how actions can influence health and wellbeing. Answers will be used to help create an action plan for better health.

Get a biometric screening
A biometric screening is a short health exam that provides information about risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. This screening is often part of a physical exam or offered at a health fair.

Commit to Quit Tobacco
For tobacco users, commit to quit by enrolling in one of the following programs:

CDPHP Smoke-FreeSM: Employees must participate in a minimum of three sessions with a quit coach.  
Pivot:  Employees must earn a minimum of 5,000 points by participating in various quit activities. 

Non-tobacco users must complete an attestation.

Take a free CDPHP community wellness class
Employees can choose from a variety of free wellness classes in the community and online. Log in at and click “Events” at the bottom of the page to register.

Get a Flu Shot
A flu shot is the best way to protect against the flu. Encourage your employees stay protected.

Participate in a CDPHP Workplace Health wellness program
Work with your CDPHP representative to choose the onsite and/or virtual Workplace Health Wellness program(s) that's right for you and your employees.

Create your own activity
Work with your broker and/or CDPHP representative to set up an approved activity to offer to your employees. You can choose to track your employee's completion of this step and send the results to CDPHP or have employees self-report. Examples include participating in a charity walk/run or taking a safety class.

We manage enrollment, monitor step completion, and provide an employer toolkit to foster engagement. Plus, you’ll get data and reporting about employee progress.