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Large Business

CDPHP Health Plans for Large Business

Choosing a health plan for your employees is a critical part of the benefits decision-making process. CDPHP is committed to providing large businesses like yours the plan options, benefits, wellness programs, and service you and your employees need to stay healthy.

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a CDPHP large business health insurance plan:

The Added Value of CDPHP
When you choose CDPHP for your health care coverage, you’ll get more than just a health plan. You’ll also get:

  • CDPHP Shared Health – An option that combines the protection and predictability of a fully-insured product with the ability to save premium dollars.

  • Access to a national network of over 1 million providers, providing quality coverage virtually anywhere across the U.S.

  • The CDPHP Health Hub, powered by Virgin Pulse with CDPHP Life Points® Rewards.

  • Lifestyle riders that offer reimbursements for gym memberships and weight management programs, as well as nutritional counseling coverage.

  • Vision and prescription rider options to round out your comprehensive benefits package.

  • And much more!

Plan Offerings
Whether you’re looking for a traditional health plan or something more innovative, we have a package that will address the needs of you and your employees.

  • Smart Deductible – Get the affordability of a higher deductible plan without sacrificing the predictability employees value.

  • Embrace Health – A plan with a CDPHP-funded bonus account is the perfect way to show your employees you value them – and their health.

  • Copay First – This innovative plan comes with a high deductible price but the first-dollar copay coverage your employees want.

  • Healthy Direction – Reward employees for investing in their health while you save on health care costs.

  • EPO – A health plan offering the ultimate in convenience, your employees can get in-network care with no paperwork, no referrals, and no surprises.

  • PPO – When added network flexibility is a must, our PPO option is ideal.

  • Hybrid Plans – Often viewed as an introduction to deductible plans, hybrid plans help your employees understand how deductible plans work.

  • High Deductible Health Plans – High deductible health plans can be a great way to engage your employees in their health and the health care decisions they make. (And consider pairing them with a CDPHP funding account!)

  • HMO – Affordable copays and a plan that’s easy to use are all a part of our HMO offerings.