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Fitness Reimbursement


Get Fit, Get Reimbursed

Eligible members can be reimbursed up to $400 per plan year for going to the gym or attending a digital fitness class, and their covered dependents can earn up to a combined $200 - a total of $600 per contract!

New for 2021, the covered dependent portion can be used toward youth sports activities for members under age 18.

This benefit does not apply to all plans. To determine if you have this benefit, log in to your member account at and look for “Fitness Reimbursement” in the Your Coverage box. You can also call the number on your ID card to confirm eligibility.

Log in to your member account to submit for reimbursement!



Who is eligible for this benefit?

  • Subscribers and covered dependents of fully insured commercial plans.

  • Eligibility varies for members of self-insured plans.

This benefit is not available to members on the following plans:

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Individual Marketplace Standard Plan

  • Federal Government Employees

Still not sure if you’re eligible? Call CDPHP at the number on your ID card. 

I do have this benefit. Now, how do I qualify and submit for reimbursement?

  • Visit the gym or attend a digital fitness class at least 50 times to qualify for reimbursement of up to $200 for subscriber, or up to $100 collectively for covered dependents.

  • Eligible members can submit for reimbursement up to two times per plan year for a total reimbursement up to $400 for subscriber, or $200 collectively for covered dependents. New for 2021 – subscriber and any covered dependent are eligible. For 2020 plan year, only subscriber and spouse/domestic partner are eligible.

  • Sports activities for dependents under the age of 18 (soccer club fees, youth rugby, gymnastics, etc.) can be used for the covered dependent portion and do not require a specific number of “visits” to qualify. The youth sports reimbursement is new for 2021. Youth sports expenses are not eligible for the 2020 plan year.

  • Eligible members need to submit for reimbursement within one year of the end of their plan year

How often can I submit for reimbursement?

  • Eligible members can submit for reimbursement up to two times per plan year to get reimbursed up to $400 for subscriber, or $200 for spouse/domestic partner

  • Eligible members need to submit for reimbursement within one year of the end of their plan year

What qualifies as a gym?

  • A gym or exercise center that houses traditional exercise equipment and is open to the general public

  • Virtual or online fitness program subscriptions that include digital fitness classes (Peloton, Beachbody, etc.)

  • Specialty fitness studios (i.e. yoga, barre, Pilates, indoor cycling, Metabolic Meltdown etc.)

What expenses qualify for reimbursement?

  • Annual membership fees paid for qualifying gyms

  • Monthly or annual subscription fees paid for virtual or online fitness classes and at home workouts.

  • Fees paid for individual classes or a package of classes at specialty fitness studios.

Membership fees for country clubs, weight loss clinics, spas, or other similar facilities do not qualify for reimbursement. Fees for mobile tracking apps or fitness equipment are not eligible for reimbursement.

What are acceptable proofs of payment?

  • Copy of a bill from facility or program showing fee(s) paid or a credit card statement. Member name, facility or program name, amount paid, and date(s) of payment must be included.

Tips for submitting an acceptable claim:

  • Make sure the subscriber submits electronically.

  • Submit separate electronic claims and documentation for subscriber and covered dependent.

  • We're here for you! Call us with questions!

Submitting for reimbursement online is quicker and easier, but there is also a paper form if you’d rather mail it in.