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CDPHP Maternity Benefits Guide

Prenatal care
Includes routine visits, screenings, tests (such as glucose tolerance test), and important immunizations (such as TDAP, COVID-19, and flu shot)
Covered Initial visit to confirm pregnancy is subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Prenatal ultrasounds Covered Up to three obstetric ultrasounds per routine pregnancy.
Delivery and inpatient maternity care Covered Subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Newborn nursery care Covered Subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Postpartum home health care, if medically needed Covered when arranged by CDPHP No cost for one visit for women who leave the hospital sooner than 48 hours for a vaginal birth (96 hours for a C-section). Other home health visits subject to member cost-share.
Care management for high-risk pregnancies No charge If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, the CDPHP Care Team, comprised of nurses, dietitians, and care coordinators, are available to help. Call 1-888-942-3747 and be referred to a member of the CDPHP Care Team.
Genetic screenings
Prior authorization may apply
Covered Includes basic chromosomal screenings. Other screenings and further follow-up may be subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Postpartum care Covered A visit with your OB/GYN is recommended after your baby is born. Talk to your doctor about the best time for this visit. For help scheduling a postpartum appointment, call (518) 641-4800 and press 2.

CDPHP provides comprehensive maternity coverage to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. For a complete list of maternity benefits, sign into your CDPHP Member Account and select Benefits.

*Medicaid members are covered in full and will not need to pay costs up front.

**Your cost-share and eligibility will depend on your specific benefit plan. Contact the CDPHP Member Services Department at the number on your member ID card with benefit questions.